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The foundation of La Academia is a curriculum based on the individual player’s needs. Technical (skills), tactical (strategy), physical, psychological (mental), and social elements are integrated into academy sessions. The inspiration for our curriculum is derived from a variety of sources: national soccer federations, clubs and academies, research, strength and conditioning organizations, speed development educators, and mental skills development educators, among many others.

We recognize that every player is on an individual journey. We view long-term athletic development (LTAD) as a fundamental principle within our programs. As players mature and grow, their needs and challenges change. Our staff – with decades of coaching and playing experience, working with hundreds of players – utilizes various methods and activities to create an environment that supports and nurtures the growth of each player wherever they are on their path.

The slides below present samples of our curriculum content. Please get in touch with our Director of Coaching if you would like more detail on our curriculum or to discuss how we plan to adapt our training methods to your player or team.