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The Academy Edge

AF Monterey is excited to present two innovative programs for youth soccer players: Team Edge and Player’s Edge.

Our Team Edge program is designed to help players grow in a team environment. By participating in this program, athletes will learn vital skills such as teamwork, communication, and strategy, which are necessary for success both on and off the field. In addition, they will form strong connections with their teammates, fostering trust and unity that are essential for a winning team. The Team Edge program also includes a coaching education and development component. Coaches in the Team Edge program participate in mentorship and video review opportunities led by Academia staff. AF Monterey’s Team Edge is the perfect place for young soccer players to develop into well-rounded, confident, and team-oriented athletes.

Enrollment in Team Edge is limited to teams and is made available by invitation. A minimum enrollment size is required for Team Edge teams.

The Player’s Edge program is specifically designed to help individual soccer players unlock their full potential by offering an extensive selection of training-specific modules. These classes cover a wide range of crucial areas, including technical skills, athletic development, mental strength, and goalkeeper training, ensuring a comprehensive approach to player improvement. By participating in the Player’s Edge program, athletes gain access to invaluable resources and expert coaching, providing them with the tools they need to elevate their game. Through a combination of personalized instruction, targeted drills, and performance assessments, players will experience growth in their abilities and overall soccer knowledge.
AF Monterey’s Player’s Edge Camp is a one-week session that offers young soccer players an immersive and engaging training experience. Designed to accelerate skill development, the camp combines intensive on-field practice with expert instruction, allowing participants to hone their technical abilities, athleticism, and mental strength. Throughout the week, players will be exposed to a variety of challenging drills, small-sided games, and scrimmages, providing ample opportunity for individual growth and improvement. 

By participating in the Team Edge or Player’s Edge programs, young athletes can expect to leave with a deeper understanding of the game, improved skills, and increased confidence on the field. Our experienced coaches use the innovative techniques to help athletes build a strong foundation while pushing their boundaries and achieving personal growth.


LED BY Mark Cisneros
Director of Coaching

Designed for teams that are looking for training activities outside of their parent club. Staff coaches will work with the team and coaches on technical and tactical themes based on the Academy principles and curriculum.




Our Foundations program – players participate in small group sessions (limited to a 1:12 coach-to-player ratio) designed to aid in their individual development. Session groups are based on age and ability in order to provide a quality experience for each player.


Goalkeeper Director

Our Goalkeeper program focuses on the technical, tactical, and physical aspects of the goalkeeper position. Players are exposed to a variety of drills and game activities in order to improve their abilities.



with Scott Schoenthal
Executive Director

The Performance program is designed to support players who are either enrolled or are preparing to enroll in high school programs. A primary focus of the high school program is athletic development – developing the abilities to support competition at a high level.. Players enrolled in this program will be provided material and exercises to work on outside of session time.

Mental Skills

with Rogelio Santiago
Youth Development Director

Our Mental Skills program supports the psychosocial development of the youth player. Utilizing recent research, the course curriclum provides opportunities for players to interact in group settings, recognize behaviors, and build positive habits for soccer and life.




We offer camps throughout the calendar year. Our standard camp experience is an extended version of our Player’s Edge training program. We also offer special-topics camps including goalkeeping, striker, and positional-specific training.