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Mission and values

Our mission at AF Monterey is:

  • Support our players in their journey to become successful adults utilizing the lessons of athletic competition
  • To grow the game through an environment that recognizes and responds to the challenges that our players face – technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial

The Academy expresses its mission through its statement of values. Every activity – field-based or in the classroom – is designed to support the growth of our players in one or more of these traits.

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We believe that durable learning occurs through a process of experience and reflection. We want our players to be comfortable taking risks without fear of criticism or rejection. We encourage our players to try new ideas which will result in a process that results in growth and success. We look for creativity in problem solving that reflects a sense of bravery and self-confidence.
Our players represent themselves, their families, our community, and La Academia. The lessons learned through fútbol are an important framework for the growth of our players within this larger context.
Our Game is fundamentally about decisions and execution within time constraints. As an educational organization, we want to help our players develop a deeper understanding of the game that will allow them to instinctively play at a superior level.
Joining the Academy involves a willingness to dedicate time and energy to personal growth. Anything worth doing requires sacrifice and resilience. Commitment to tasks - in a practice session and over a season - are a necessary part of the growth process.
Setting and meeting high standards, self-confidence, and a development of self-worth begin with respect for oneself. In the Academy, we define excellence within process goals - learning new skills, taking risks - rather than outcome goals such as wins and losses. We encourage our players to place long-term development above short-term results.