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AF Monterey concludes first summer camp

From June 12th to 16th, AF Monterey held its Player’s Edge summer camp at our Monterey Peninsula College training center. The camp, filled with fun and learning, was expertly managed by Mark Cisneros, the Director of Coaching. He had help from staff members Rogelio Santiago and Scott Schoenthal. During the camp, players enjoyed various activities such as small-sided games, rondos, and individual ball mastery drills. These activities were all carefully planned to help the players grow both personally and in their soccer skills.

Each day at the camp included a classroom video review session. Players watched highlight clips of top-notch soccer players. Seeing these elite players in action helped the campers understand the moves they were learning and motivated them to work even harder. These videos became an important tool in helping the players grasp the lessons of the day and aim to reach higher in their soccer ambitions.

The camp ended on a high note with a thrilling World Cup championship game, giving players a chance to put into practice all they had learned. To remember the camp and continue their training, each player got an AF Academy jersey and a mini-soccer ball. AF Monterey made sure to provide a learning environment tailored to each player. This approach is central to AF Monterey’s mission of supporting and growing soccer talent in the Monterey Bay communities. The camp wasn’t just about learning soccer; it also created memorable experiences that the players will carry with them in their soccer journey.

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