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Spotlight – high school athletic program

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Our athletic development program, led by Coach Scott Schoenthal, is specifically designed to improve the athletic abilities of middle school and high school soccer players. The focus is on strength and power development, combining plyometrics, sprint training, running form, jump and landing, and agility training.

One of the key features of the AF Monterey program is its emphasis on individualized training. Coach Schoenthal and the Academy coaching staff work closely with each player to identify areas for improvement and implement a training plan to help them reach their full potential. This approach ensures that each player receives the attention and support they need to achieve their athletic goals. Weekly emails and website posts provide activities for players to work on at home to aid their progress.

The AF Monterey program also includes a variety of practice sessions designed to help players develop their technical skills and game sense. These sessions include 1v1 drills, small-sided games, and shooting practice, which allow players to improve their decision-making, ball control, and finishing abilities. If you’re a middle or high school soccer player looking to improve your skills to reach the next level, the AF Monterey program is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their athletic abilities and achieve their soccer goals.