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Introducing AF Monterey

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La Academia de Fútbol Monterey (AF Monterey) represents a new choice for soccer parents and players in the Monterey Bay Area. Unlike traditional soccer clubs, the Academy is focused on the success and growth of the individual. AF Monterey is organized as a teaching academy rather than as a collection of fixed teams with leagues and tournaments. Instead of wins and losses, trophies, tryouts, showcases, or other trappings of the “normal” soccer environment, our priority is to provide every player with the tools – physical and mental – to succeed in the game. We work with players and teams from a variety of clubs, high schools, and other organizatons throughout our region to support their educational journeys.

Agendas and Outcomes

In a tradtional youth soccer club, there can often be conflicts of priorities and agendas – job seeking by coaches and directors, team and club rankings points, organizational politics, conflicts between parent volunteers, and other negative behaviors.

AF Monterey was founded and is run by soccer professionals whose sole purpose is to provide a better option for player development. We are organized as part of a 501(c)(3) California non-profit, formed for the benefit of our community.

We succeed when our players succeed. Development is not a short-term, weekend-by-weekend experience but rather built through opportunity, success, failure, reflection, support, and growth over a long-term. We see the player in front of us and also the player (and person) that they wish to become.

Working with Teams

Our academy training is designed for individuals. The Academy can also be a partner for teams and clubs that are looking to work with experienced coaches in a structured curriculum. In our team training program, the focus is still on the individual with an additional emphasis on a tactical game model. We are also available to mentor with coaches to develop a holistic experience for the team.

The Experience

Players and families enrolled in our programs will experience a unique soccer learning environment:

  • Practice activities derived from leading professional and youth club academies
  • Long-term athletic development (LTAD)
  • Flexible class scheduling options – 10-week semesters, camps, and special-topic sessions
  • Individualized development plans (IDPs)
  • Classroom activities
  • Online learning portal
  • Regular newsletter updates

The Coaches

Our staff is unified with one purpose – to provide the best possible experience for each player in our program. Our backgrounds include US and European coaching licensing and diplomas, elite level playing experience, and decades of coaching experience including college, high school, and club programs. We are also active in the coaching community, supporting over 10,000 coaches worldwide with our online educational content.

Next Steps

Our website contains more information on our programs, staff, mission, values, and vision. If you’re ready to join us, visit our registration portal to sign up for one of our upcoming classes. If you need more information, please email us at or call at 831.222.0325. We’re looking forward to connecting and determining how we can work together.